Klem/Skyya F2 DOB 2/14/2013
Only $1,200.00

Klem/Misty F3 DOB 04/02/2012
Only $1,000.00
On SALE for only $700.00

Klem/Skyya M2 DOB 2/14/2013
Only $900.00

Klem/Skyya M1 DOB 2/14/13
Only $1,000.00

Klem/Kristina M2 DOB 12/25/2012
Only $800.00

New Litter
Only $700.00

Conditions and Guarantees-

Siberian Cats of Svetdanhaus (S.C.S.) Guarantees all Cats & Kittens to be healthy and up-to-date on all inoculations. We guarantee against death or permanant disabilities due to congential defects, varified by a Veterinarian, for one year, with a free replacement. This free replacement does not include shipping or any other cost associated.
All prices for Siberian cats and kittens do not include shipping.
Some prices are negotiable. To reserve a Siberian kitten, a non-refundable deposit is required.
Should you not be able to keep your cat or kitten, we can assist you in the resale and appropriate placement of you pet, notify us with recent pictures of your Siberian.

Siberian Cats of Svetdanhaus owners must be contacted prior to any purchase, the online payment processor will not work without our approval.

Phone # 1 (225) 687-7590

E-mail: russiansiberian@cox.net.

All Siberian cats and kittens listed for sale can be TICA (The International Cat Association) registered and can be WCF (World Cat Federation) registered. Limited registration papers will be mailed when proof of neutering or spaying is recieved from the Veterinarian performing this service.

For full registration with breeding rights of breed quality Siberian cats or kittens, contact Svetdanhaus for pricing.

Amazing Siberian Cats and Kittens of Svetdanhaus prides itself in the fact that only the very best traits of the Siberian is maintained through their breeding program. No Neva Masquerade, color point, or seal point cats are present in this program. Though increasing in popularity, we believe in order to perpetuate the unique characteristics of the Siberian (such as being hypo-allergenic) only pure Siberians as Mother Nature intended, free of these siamese and pursian genes should be bred. Our number one objective is to preserve the excellence of "The True Siberian".

All Kittens are socialized with the up-most care and affection from the earliest stages of life. Our Siberian Cats and Kittens are never caged and are allowed to explore our home and cattery freely. These feline friends are unafraid of other animals and are not native of our country; because of this, we highly recommend that they remain indoors for their own safety.
Email addresses-

If you prefer to call-
1 (225) 687-7590

Our sales department is located in Plaquemine, Louisiana. Just 20 minutes south-west of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mail address-
Daniel J. Daigle DBA S.C.S.
63370 Old Hwy 77
Plaquemine, La. 70764
Purchaser understands that shipping and relocation of these Cats & Kittens causes a certain level of stress.
Acclimation periods for these felines may vary from situation to situation.
Usually within a few days, with love and care, your new Siberian Cat or Kitten will flourish and become the AMAZING SIBERIAN CAT we promote.

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