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"Valadamier Svetdanhaus of Vango" had his first ACFA cat show this past weekend. He finished with 8 Best of Breed. He also finaled 4 times and of course transferred to double champion. The president of ACFA whom judged him stated Valadamier fit every requirement exactly to the breed standards and he was the best Siberian she had seen in years. Thank You for my beautiful sweet friendly baby. I am now looking for a silver female. Do you have any or know of any coming up.


Hi, Danny !! Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our new kitten! Thanks so much for letting us have the opportunity to purchase one of your kittens! We have named him Max (or Maks Klemovich) according to his Russian name. He is the most loving, gentle, sweet little boy you can imagine. He's taken over the entire house, and has made my husband -- a dog-lover -- quite a cat person! Maks is quite the love bug -- always comes to greet you, MUST sit in someone's lap at all time, and purrs like a fiend! I've sent you some pictures so you can see how big and beautiful he is at only a bit less than 6 months! I think he is going to get big like Klem, and as advertised, he sure is a sweetheart! We will be contacting you soon when he is neutered, probably at the end of the summer! Take care! Sincerely, Kristin K


Just wanted to send a few pictures of our "Mischa" that we purchased a year ago. As you can see from the pictures below she is growing like a little weed. She is very intelligent and beautiful. If we ever consider getting another cat is would definetly be a siberian! We are moving soon into a new house next month therefore she will be enjoying the country view and not to mention the birds! She's definetly the baby of the family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have Mischa in our home.

Anne and Kevin

We had a good ride home. When I got to the home side of Houston, I pulled over and let her roam the car. She seemed to be happier that way, so I gave it a try. Ended up that she rode on my shoulders and slept that way. She is sooooooooooo sweet. She hasn't cried at all since I let her out of the cage. Oh, she screamed at first......... but we made it.

I have so enjoyed her that Tuesday night I totally forgot to eat supper! She is PURE entertainment! And such a love!

I'll continue to send more.


I drove down from Biloxi a few weeks ago and purchased one of your cats. I just wanted to let you know he is doing great and we could not be happier with him. He is very smart and full of personality and energy. He will already fetch his favorite toy, bring it back to you, drop it at your feet, and wait for you to throw it again. You guys have made a Siberian lover out of me, I doubt I will ever own any other kind of cat again. Well, I just wanted to say Thank you for the wonderful cat and if we decide to get another we know where to go. I have attatched a picture of him to this email. Take care and thanks again! Sincerely, M. Wilson

This is Brian in Galloway, NJ. Tigger, our kitten is doing wonderful. I will take some pics and email them to you, because she is absolutley gorgeous! She gets along great with Meeko our other female, who is about 11 mos old. Tigger is probably the prettiest cat I have ever seen, and her disposition is noticably sweeter than our other cat, whom before tigger, I thought was the world's nicest cat. I just found a pic, so I am attaching it. This is from about 1 month ago.

Talk to you soon,


Thank you for allowing us to purchase Assa and Angel. We are very excited to be getting them. We have been studying Siberians for many weeks now and have reached the conclusion that they are really a great pet. Assa and Angel are so beautiful and I suspect loved by both of you. We will never let them outside, so they will not expect to go out when the door is opened. We have a screened Lanai and pool area and they will go out there when we are out there. We have much to do in the next few days to get ready.

I see a major construction job going on in the garage to build a fabulous cat condo.

We look forward to meeting you.

Thanks again,
Dave and Donna


I haven't written too many e-mails lately, because I been busy and I still am.
But I have to tell everybody my news. I bought a kitten from Svetdanhaus Cattery. She's a blue solid with the little mark on her neck. Her name is Dasha. She is a really beautiful girl with very sweet personality.
I added couple a pictures of her. Enjoy.
Best Wishes,


Good morning from Whispering Pines, NC. My buddy (David) is outside picking up pine cones so I thought I would sneak in his office and send you an e-mail to say hello. I am doing very well. David and Sharon treat me just like a baby. They are very affectionate and see to my every need. I like the food they have for me and I am growing up - fast. David said he really like me, especially when I let him rub my tummy and pet me. I do like to be mischievous however! They are always telling me to stop exploring the bookshelves and flowers in pots! I do that to see if they are paying attention to me.

I do not go outside (David says it might be bad for me) but I do enjoy the sitting by the glass door and watching the birds and squirrels. I dream of catching one of them. Maybe some day!

I hear the door open so I better go and greet David. Take care and thanks again for sending me to a nice home. I am very happy!

Thank you for the cute Christmas Greeting! Yes, we are truly enjoying every minute with Misha. He is everything and more than promised! We have enjoyed telling our family and friends the story of how we acquired Misha and how unique he is. may your Christmas Holiday be filled with both joy and happiness and may the magic always be in your hearts.
David & Sharon Mathias

The kittens are doing absolutely wonderful. Nikkylia hover like a bored babysitter but has tried to let the kitten know who's the boss - the oblivious kitten doesen't know she should act a little more respectful. They are playing with their toys together or should I say that every time Tatiana plays with a toy Nikkylia decides that's the toy she wanted to play with. They are going to get along great together. I will send you pictures soon.

Merry Christmas! I do love my new kitty. She is so loving and purrs all the time. We named her Chloe. Chloe loves to climb and attack all the plants in the house. My son found her at the top of the Christmas tree this morning. I must say she is very entertaining!!!
She has a beautiful Krisybelle kitty bed but prefers to get into my bed and sleep next to me.
I will mail you some pictures as I get some.
She also got some goodies from Santa this morning and had a ball playing with them.
Happy Holidays,
Deanna Nichols

The kitty ("sophia") is doing great -- she is VERY friendly and has adjusted quite well. In fact, she was playing 20 minutes after we got her home from the airport.

It is obvious she has been well loved. She does not like to be left alone at all, and is curled up on the desk in front of me as I type you this message.

Happy New Year. Thanks,


I am the wife of Drew and the primary recipient of the beautiful Siberian kitty. Although, I must say that Drew has become quite fond of him. We have decided to name him Nikolai. We thought it was a great name that fit his heritage and the occasion. Since he was a Christmas gift, Nikolai reminded me of St. Nick. Drew also came across a story about a cat named Nikolai and Santa Claus. So we both thought it fit. He is a great cat. He is so smart and loves to play. I am so glad that Drew decided to get him. I appreciate all of your input and advice to help Drew make his decision. We love our "baby". Thank you again and we hope to keep in contact with you both. Have a happy year. Sarah

It has been really crazy around here with all of the festivites. Nickolai and Sasha are doing well. Sasha is almost as big as Nickolai is!! We think Sasha is going to be a really big boy. Sasha is finishing up a coarse of antibiotics, when we took him in to get neutered, I had him tested for a urinary tract infection because he was acting strangely and had had a couple of accidents in the house. Sure enough, he was positive for an infection. He seems to be doing better. Nickolai still keeps to himself most of the time. He hasn't been the same ever since we brought the kitten home. But, they seem to get along pretty well. They sleep together and bathe each other.....only "fight" a little. It has gotten better since the kitten was neutered. He was a little frisky and pestered Nickolai a lot. We hope it continues to get better now that Sasha is settling down a little bit. He loves to sleep upside down, it is really funny. He has a HUGE appetite. Nickolai is still pretty small but has a little belly himself :) Sasha is just big all over. He has the cutest big puffy tail and his markings are just beautiful. Everyone oohhs and ahhs over him when they come over. Nickolai has more of smooth and silky coat. They are both so handsome!!! They really are a lot of fun.

I hope you had a good holiday. Happy New Year and the best to both of you in the upcoming 2005!

Thank you very much, kids named her Skittle. She seems to be adjusting well, tree still standing but she's having fun. She is at the cautious nose-sniffing stage with Misha our Akita. She sleeps on my feet - odd so did our other cat. have a great holiday season.
Thank you again,


Pasha and his baby brother (we still need to name him!!) are the most wonderful kittens I have ever seen! I couldn't have hoped for more sweet, beautiful kittens! Right now, the baby is sitting in my lap...what a big purr he has for such a little boy and what a gorgeous smoke coat! He is very, very sweet. Pasha is amazing. He is more beautiful than his pictures and so very smart! He loves the sun room Roger built just for him. Right now, he's sitting on his window seat watching birdies in the backyard. Every few minutes he runs in to me and rubs on my legs, then goes back to the sunroom. He has been exploring every inch of his new home and seems to approve! The baby kept prancing back and forth in front of the wall mirrors, watching himself. He seemed very proud of himself!

They were both a little scared when we picked them up at the airport, but they warmed up quickly once we got them home. Pasha explored a bit and they both drank lots of water and ate a little lunch. Then they took a two hour nap! We all stayed up ate last night playing with new toys. Pasha has a feather bird toy and a cat dancer he especially likes and he took turns letting the baby play with it, too. Pasha slept with us last night...the baby curled up on a blanket under our bed. They slept all night! This morning Pasha got up early with Roger and the baby got in bed with me. Right now, Pasha is lying on his back next to my computer looking at me...I think it's time for another belly rub!

Thank you so very much, Lana, for these beautiful, intelligent kittens. We can't imagine life without them now!

All our best,
Julie & Roger


I want to give you an update on Nicholai II. I have had cats all my life, but never one this affectionate and intelligent! He is a true joy and great company. He is growing like a weed! He weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces this morning, which is pretty big for being only 5 months 3 weeks old. His colors are changing too, just like you said they would do. His fur is becoming longer and thicker, with a nice full ruff and very bushy tail, with distinct golden and sable tabby markings. He loves to play fetch. He has a basket of toys, which he'll pick through when he wants something to play with, but his very favorite is a glitter ball. He'll carry that around in his mouth and it turns up all over (in his food bowls, under the covers in bed, in my shoe, etc.). He tucked it into my briefcase the other day, and then got in himself, as if he wanted to go to work with me. He loves watching TV, especially Animal Planet, but action movies are okay too. He's learning to walk on a leash, but has his own ideas about where to go. He is extremely possessive of his human (me) and his toys and his favorite spots. He loves to be carried around on my shoulder, and has learned that if he comes and sits in front of me, and meows and lifts up his front paws, I'll bend down and let him get on my shoulder, and then there is loud purring. The Siberian breed truely is an amazing cat! The way he is developing, he is just gorgeous. Hope you enjoy the picture.


Dear Dan,

Nicholai had his neutering surgery this week. He's doing fine afterwards. It didn't seem to slow him down at all, and he's already forgiven me. Forgiveness for the vet might be another matter.

He is truly a magnificent cat. He has become the darling at my office, and within my family. I know of at least two people at the office, and one of my sisters who now want a Siberian, since I absolutely refuse to give them Nicholai, which is what they really want. There have been joking threats of kidnapping! He is easy to fall in love with, since he makes friends with everyone. He's really gotten spoiled. I'd be embarrassed to admit what I've spent on new toys, but he just loves something new every once in awhile. He's gotten very good at walking on a leash. He's associating the harness and leash with "going outside" and "going for a ride" which he loves, so he comes running when I hold out the harness. People are surprised to encounter a cat out walking like he does. He goes to Home Depot, Staples, and any other shops that don't get excited if you bring a pet inside - he loves running errands with me on the weekend. He goes hiking with me. And he's been to "grandma & grandpa's house" where he managed to work out a truce with the very territorial tom cat that my parents have. He and my Norwegian Forest Cat, Silje, have become fast friends, and when the tom and Silje got into a staring match, Nicholai came running over to Silje's side, gave her a reassuring sniff on the nose, and put himself between Silje and the tom! He was being protective (and probably possessive) of Silje! He is Mr. Personality, for sure.

I hope you'll be having a wonderful holiday season.


I just sent you my Christmas card but thought I owed you a picture too. I just took this one with Nicholai squeezed into the same kitty bed as his “sister” Silje (a Norwegian Forest Cat) – the kitty bed is on the top of my desk and that is a favorite spot when I am working on my computer. She was there first, but that never stops him – he just fits himself in too. Nicholai is such a personality that everyone who meets him is in love with him. He loves to take walks on his leash every night when I get home. It has gotten cold here, and so I got him his own Polartec jacket to wear when it is below freezing. He trots along down the street wearing it proudly. I worried about him and the Christmas tree, since there is no high spot in my house that he has not “summit-ed.” But he has been great with it. I think he thinks the tree is pretty and, of course, that it is HIS tree (he thinks everything is his personal property) because for the first few days, he kept chasing Silje away from it. He loves to run errands with me on the weekends, and begs to go in the car for a ride. He likes to ride in my lap with the window down and his head stuck out the window, like a dog, but only if I keep the speed below 30 mph. If I go faster, he meows at me to slow it down. Silje and Nicholai have become great friends – she tends to act like a little mother to him, always fretting over him. They curl up together next to me at night, and like to groom each other, and play together (“chase” is a favorite game – they take turns with who is the “chaser” and who is the “chase-ee”). Hope you’ll have a great holiday. Enjoy the picture.

Pasha, Nikolai, Roger, and I want to wish you a happy holiday season. Pasha and Nikki are very happy and healthy kittens and have really made our house a home!

Pasha was neutered on the 22nd of this month, and as you can see from his picture, he's back to his wonderful playful self again!

Thank you for these wonderful kitties!

Julie and Roger

Merry Christmas from Oatmeal and his new family. Thought you would like these pics. Oatmeal is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is enjoying all of my plants (as you can see from the pictures) and loves to play in the dirt. If you look closely in the one pic with Belden, our Shepherd, you can see Batman, our Bearded Dragon. Tom and I think that Oatmeal loves to lay in the "tall grasses" to "search" for prey. His tail just twitches back and forth when Batman runs around in his house. It is quite entertaining for all of us. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and thank you sooooo much for our sweet Oatmeal. I will send more pics later.

Nicole, Tom, Victoria, Thomas, Woody, Belden, Oatmeal and Batman Vesy!

Just thought you would like an update on Oatmeal and Raisin. They are doing great! They love each other as you can see by this picture. The cat tree they are laying in has 3 levels - although you would never know since they always sleep together. We love to watch them play together - I think they know they are brothers! Raisin has turned out to be a lover just like my Oatmeal. He loves to lay on his back in my arms and have his belly rubbed. Oatmeal loves to wake me up at 3:00am and stick his nose in my ear and purrrrr just as loud as possible. If that doesn't get my attention he will lick my nose and then give me love bites on my nose or eyes! (or my fingers or my chin - I am the only one who gets these special kisses!) I just can't love on these guys enough.
Thank you so much for all you do.

I just had to send you these two pictures of my daughter (Victoria) and Raisin. Raisin is so good with her. I mentioned before how he loves to lay on his back and here is the proof. All you have to do is rub on his belly and he just melts into you. I can not say enough about these cats to people. They are so good with kids. They don't squirm or scratch. My four year old likes to carry them around and they just go along for the ride regardless if they want to or not! You have done a great job with this breed. I LOVE my Oatmeal and Raisin.

Hi Danny and Cheryl,

Rob and I wanted to update you on Nicky. We are just absolutely in love with this boy! He is growing by the minute and is so funny to watch play!! He gets unruly at times and needs a timeout, but he's getting the message!

His coloring is magnificent! A real tiger, he is. Just take a look!

RoseAnn and Rob
San Mateo, CA

I thought you might like to know that the blue kitten that I purchased from you is thriving. He was shy the first week, but now he greets me at the door when I arrive home from work and follows me from room to room. He loves to play and has picked out his favorite toys which he insists on storing under the bed. If he continues to grow as quickly as he is now, he is likely to be a very large cat when he is full-grown.


The rufousy cat in the pictures is Svetdanhaus Tesseract of Tallis, who is growing up to be pretty like her parents! Just thought you should know that she is the sweetest and most affectionate cat I have ever met. And she really loves her "sister", Titania.

I would love to see the kittens Gortensia and your new stud have next, and maybe buy a male, if you have one, if his personality will be anything like Tesseract's! You seem to raise lovely animals.

Thanks so much for the cat of my dreams,

Russian Siberian kitten Zarko in his first cat show. He got 6 blue ribbons for best in breed.
Susan & Scott
I bought one of your cats about 2 year ago. He is still doing great and is an irreplaceable member of the family! I just wanted to take a second and tell you about a situation we found ourselves in a couple weeks ago. My Wife, Rebel (the cat) and I went to bed as we normally do. Several hours later I awoke to Rebel meowing non-stop, this is completely out of the ordinary for him. To be honest I was quite irritated by it, so I got up to see what he was doing or what he wanted. I found him right outside my little hall closet that has the air conditioning unit and hot water heater inside. I then smelled smoke and I quickly realized that smoke was coming from inside the door he was sitting next to. I quickly flipped the circuit breaker for the air conditioning unit and the hot water heater. I then got inside the closet and found that the hot water heater had leaked water onto the terminal strip where power was terminated on the side of the unit. This caused the wiring to short out and the insulation was smoldering. It was only a matter of time before the entire place caught fire. Who knows maybe he saved our lives, maybe he didn't, I just thought it was pretty incredible that he woke up and sensed something was wrong and made sure we knew about it. Thought you might want to hear about some of the good deeds your cats are doing.
Take Care,


I think we have the gray vesna female picured on your website. I've
attached a couple of pictures of her. Her father is Gray Black and her mother is Vesna. We bought her from a breeder in Oklahoma about 4 mos. ago when the breeder decided to stick with breeding dogs. Her name was Danny and we renamed her Chloe. She's a little over a year old now. We had 2 male tabby cats for over 15 years and bought Chloe when the 17 year old cat passed away.
She has such a great personality and is so DIFFERENT from any cats we've been around. First of all I'M NOT ALLERGIC to her which is GREAT!!! Even though she has long soft fur and a long flluffy tail she hardly sheds at all. She's also very flexible and acrobatic. You're right that she knows how beautiful she is. She drapes herself over objects and poses. She also loves to play with every cat toy in the house and she especially likes to go
into my closet to find her own toy. Even if it's just a piece of paper, she's so proud and acts like she just stalked and caught her prey. She frequently JUMPS into my arms from the floor and puts a paw on each side of my neck then nuzzles. Does her mother or father do that? She sleeps at the foot of our bed then waits for me to put my slippers on in the morning before she jumps onto my shoulder so I can carry her to the kitchen for food and fresh water. She's also very trusting and lets me carry her like a baby with her belly up. She's playing with a toy in the living room right now and my husband keeps running in here to tell me how cute she is. He loves our little girl!!! Now that we've owned one of your cats, I'm sure we'll buy our next cat from you. Thank you for breeding such great companions. You can use us as a reference anytime.
Mary and Everett
Teresa M

We have so many pictures, I didn't know which ones to send. They both make us laugh with their playful moods, especially Dusty and his Buddha style of being laid back! They are both really smart kittens, and we love them so much.

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